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We are constantly being told to avoid using our hair dryer or hair iron too often, but we also know that these are important tools to achieve the specific looks we like the most: those with soft and silky, straight hair, or those that become the center of attention with their amazing waves and curls. Because of this, the most important thing before exposing our hair to heat-based tools such as hair irons, hair dryers and curlers, is to protect it thoroughly by applying the appropriate high quality hair-care products.

Now, we have some questions for you: do you often use temperature-based hair care tools? Do you properly protect your hair before using this tools? Do you know about hair care products that’ll help your hair to withstand the heat exposure?

Very well, if you’re a fan of using hair irons, hair dryers and curlers, but you don’t know how to protect your hair to shelter it against heat exposure, Salon In would like to showcase some properties and benefits of its specialized product line, Thermal Protection +Pro.

| Thermal Protection +Pro

Thermal Protection +Pro is a product line specifically designed with cutting-edge ingredients meant to hydrate, protect and strengthen the hair fibers, preparing them to withstand thermal harm that may come about by using hair dryers, hair irons and other tools. This is a complete product line featuring shampoo, hair conditioner and hair spray, which are ideal to all kinds of hair.

Get to know the ingredients of Thermal Protection +Pro…

– Lipquat: This is a high adherence ingredient which penetrates the hair and creates a protective film that shields it against damage brought by temperature, while also maintaining its natural moisture, and preventing the decay and weakening of the hair fibers.

– Panthenol: This is a special ingredient that recovers the hair’s natural hydration, shine and volume, while also providing a natural hair conditioning effect, rendering it soft and manageable.

Get to know the products and how to use them…

Shampoo Thermal Protection 300mL

This is a light, salt-free shampoo that deeply cleanses the hair. How to use? Apply Salon In Thermal Protection Shampoo over the wet hair while massaging gently and then rinse with plenty of water. Repeat.

Hair Conditioner Thermal Protection 300mL

With our Salon In Thermal Protection Hair Conditioner you’ll find the best solutions to deeply hydrate your hair and enjoy an easy hair brushing experiences. This is because the product allows your hair to untangle way easily. How to use? Apply the product over wet hair starting from the middle up to the tips while massaging gently. Leave the product to act for 5 minutes and then rinse off by using plenty of water.

Thermal Protection Hair Spray 300mL

Provide your hair with extra protecting against thermal harm with our Salon In Thermal Protection Hair Spray, which strengthens your hair fiber, improving on their resistance and elasticity, which, in turn, helps to prevent hair loss because of cuts or fractures and the overall weakening of its structure. Use this product, and you’ll find a solution for hair dehydration, to achieve a manageable and protected hair. How to use? Apply the product over clean and wet hair, don’t wash the product off and then proceed to brush your hair as usual.

Always remember to keep the following advice in mind before using heat-based hair care tools:

You will most likely already know this, but we’re also sure that sometimes, in a rush, you may forget it! We’ll tell you once more: before using any heat-based hair care tool, check that your hair is completely dry. Applying heat over wet hair may deteriorate the hair fibers and their internal structure.

Before using any heat-based hair care tool, protect your hair with our Thermal Protection Hair Spray, which will act as a shielding barrier to heat exposure that your hair has to withstand.

It’s normal to think that, the hotter the hair iron or curler is, the result will be better…but this isn’t true! Actually, there’s no overall “adequate” temperature: each kind of hair needs a different temperature. If you’re not entirely sure of which one is yours, ask your hairstyling artist for a diagnosis and council.

Avoid using hair care tools that feature a metallic layer, because they may harm your hair. It’s better to opt for tools with a ceramic layer.

Well, now you have no excuses to not prepare and protect your hair from using a hair iron, hair dryer or curlers! Remember that our Thermal Protection +Pro product line is already available in our Recamier Store USA.