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We are ready for the most important show of the year!

Were you waiting for this moment as much as we were? At Salon In we are happy and full of motivation because this year we work on something innovative and different. We evolve to be able to come back to you with a new experience full of emotion, illusion, creativity, color and lots of light! Today we want to say welcome and give you a little taste of what our Think Of Light Show Salon In 2021 will be… Dates, guests, collections? You just keep reading carefully and get ready now for the best hairdressing, fashion and style show of the year!
More than 10,000 hairdressers will be together at this exclusive event broadcasted on streaming for the first time- a complete digital and live format – nationally and internationally. Think Of Light Show Salon In 2021 is an exclusive show for our Salon In stylists, where they will have the opportunity to meet and learn from our experts guests, the latest trends in techniques, cuts, color and hairstyles … Everything under the characteristic hallmark and creative development of our brand!

In this year of change and innovation, in our show we will be presenting two (2) special collections: Unique, our first unisex collection, and Light Up Dancer, our women collection. You will see how these two collections generate an intense contrast to each other, based on intimate, inclusive and universal concepts such as love your body, home comfort, body architecture and aesthetics in movement, that constitute a clear representation of the trends in Europe and Latin America.

What can you expect from this show?

May we all become one again! And that is why, we have for you a unique show with Unique, a transgressive collection in which we enhance all identities, races, skins and sexual orientations on the unique essence of our brand; and Light Up Dance, a collection based on dreams, hope and longing for that tomorrow will be full of light and sweetness … Two parallel but different collections where you will be able to see new colors, daring outfits, deep makeup, and cuts and hairstyles full of personality.

In addition, in this version we will offer our attendees much more training material, step-by-step videos with more detail about cut, color, hairstyle and Salon In product lines used, all to be implemented in our virtual trainings.

Date and time of the event?
Wednesday May 26th, 2021 at 7:00 pm Eastern Time (ET)

Who will be the guests?

Get ready to live a special experience with world-class artists such as our Artistic & Technical Director Antonio Calvo, creative mind of Think Of Light Show Salon In 2021 concept; Pedro Muñoz, considered one of the best barbers in the world; and Juan Ayoso, prestigious international hairdresser, Finalist of AIPP Awards 2020-2021 in the Vanguard category.

How to get the tickets?

To attend the event, you must be registered as a Salon In client and make a minimum order according to your country:

Colombia: For an order of 350,000 pesos (Tax included), we will offer 1 ticket / For an order of 500,000 pesos (Tax included), we will offer 2 tickets.
Peru: For an order of $ 300 soles (Tax included), we will offer 1 ticket / For an order of
$ 500 (Tax included), we will offer 2 tickets.
Ecuador: For an order of US $ 168 (Tax included), we will offer 1 ticket / For an order of US $ 280 (Tax included), we will offer 2 tickets / For an order of US $ 392 (Tax included), we will offer 3 tickets.
USA: For an order of US $ 150 (Tax included), we will offer 1 ticket / For an order of US
$ 250 (Tax included), We will offer 2 tickets.

If you are in Chile, Curaçao, Panama, Guatemala, Honduras or Costa Rica, you may also be part of our show! You can purchase your tickets with our Salon In Distributors. The policy will be the same adjusted to each of these markets.

This is just the beginning, we have many surprises for you! But we want to tell you from now, Welcome to the New Era Salon In.